Beacon Supplies stock a wide range of Aerosol;


Cockpit Shine


Cockpit Shine is a deep shine, long-lasting product combined with a cherry perfume.

The long-lasting fragrance and anti-static finish leaves your car interior smelling and looking fresh for up to 7 days.






Turbo Jet Air Sanitiser.

Turbo Jet Air Sanitiser is a high performance, high perfume content product, designed to eliminate odours instantly with lasting fragrance. Air Sanitiser has been specifically designed to deliver a high volume burst into both large/small enclosed spaces i.e. cars, caravans, offices, conference rooms, marques, toilets, machine rooms and any other enclosed space, be it a home or in the work place. Air Sanitiser’s unique design achieves this with its turbo valve and actuator, which delivers high volumes of perfume instantly in high volumes.







Upholstery Cleaner

The Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is quick acting, highly effective, kind to delicate fabrics and is specially formulated to remove dirt, grime and stains. Use at home and at work in your car or caravan.






Maintenance Spray

A great value, professional multi-purpose, high-quality maintenance spray that penetrates, protects, lubricates and repels water. For use in heavy duty, industrial environments and the automotive industry. Also great for your general household and garden applications. Supplied in a convenient 500ml aerosol spray can for accurate application.


Fast penetration on seized machine parts, hinges, locks and tools.

Damp start motor vehicles.

Leaves a protective lubricating film,Powerful displacing agent.



Vehicle Brake & Parts Cleaner 500ml

Safe & Efficient

  • Removal of break dust, oil and grease from vehicle brakes and clutches
  • Eliminates brake squeal
  • Eliminates clutch slip
  • CFC-free

Sovereign Automotive Brake Cleaner is a blend of fast-evaporating solvents, ideal for removal of dirt, grease, brake fluid, and brake and clutch residue from vehicle clutches, discs and drums.

Other uses include removal of grease, tar and adhesive from internal and external materials and bodywork.