Paper Products



Paper Products.

We Stock a wide range of Paper products from Toilet rolls to Blue Center feed and Hand towels.

2 Ply Lux Toilet rools  2 Ply Luxury Toilet rolls

3 Ply Lux Loo Rolls   3 Ply Luxury Toilet Rolls

CFR016 150 mt White 2ply Center-feed

CFR018 150mt Blue 2ply Center-Feed

CFR080 80 mt Blue 2 ply Center-Feed

FSR003 280mt 2ply Blue Monster rolls 

IFB Int Fold 1ply_blue_interfold_hand_towels-500x500 3600 Sheets Hand towel 1 ply

itr006_case 200mt 2ply Mini Jumbo Toilet rolls

ITR004   300mt 2ply Maxi Jumbo Toilet Rolls

jcp002-esfina-centrefeed-jumbo-toilet-roll-pk-6-[2]-731-p  200mt Center pull Toilet Rolls


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