Toilet and Washroom Products.

STC 1lt

STC Acidic Toilet & Washroom Cleaner ( Tested to BSEN1276 )

Bactericidal toilet and washroom cleaner. STC is used neat for descaling toilets and urinals or as a diluted solution for general washroom cleaning.

The thick blue liquid contains safe sulphamic and citric acids to dissolve limescale and organics and remove grease, body oils and scum from surfaces.

Ideal for cleaning toilets, urinals, showers and sinks, STC is safe for use on stainless steel.

Ideal for washrooms in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, shops, stores and airports.





Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

  • A concentrated pleasantly fragranced blend of heavy-duty non-fuming acids make our toilet cleaner and descaler, suitable for removing built-up calcium scale and soiling from all washroom sanitaryware, including stainless-steel, ceramic, chrome and tiled areas.


    C3 Wash-Room Cleaner

    A concentrated, acidic liquid, C3 can be used for cleaning and descaling general washroom surfaces. The red liquid contains safe citric acids to clean and remove limescale and organic deposits in one operation. Available in a 1 litre dosage control pack. Use C3 to clean toilets, urinals, sinks, baths, showers, tiles and washroom floors. C3 is safe for use on porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic and tiled surfaces. 1 Litre of C3 Washroom Cleaner will create 50 trigger bottles or 25 buckets of ready to use solution.





  • Bio Blocks

    The original Toss Blocks, these urinal blocks contain
    special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise
    urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of
    water to be made. Whilst we do not advocate
    ‘waterless’ urinal systems, a typical urinal need only be
    flushed about three times each day when using Bio Blocks.

    Bio Blocks do not contain carcinogenic pDCB or other
    harmful or dangerous chemicals and are particularly suitable
    for use in public buildings such as hotels, pubs, clubs and
    restaurants as well as schools and institutions where care
    should be taken to protect people and the environment.

    Use in conjunction with Blu-Away to maintain an
    odour-free washroom environment.


  • Blu Away

    Specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free

    Blu Away eradicates organic staining and odour
    problems from all washroom surfaces, including floors
    and walls contaminated with urine. Simply spray and
    wipe all ceramic surfaces to control scale and soiling.

    Dilute and swab floors to clean and remove uric scale
    build-up and urine soiling.

    Use Blu Away with Bio Blocks to maintain trouble-free
    odourless washrooms.

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